Blue Cove Golf & Casino Resort

Lexington Property Developments Corporation (LPDC) is creating a world-class luxury oasis, “Blue Cove Golf & Casino Resort” to Ghana.

To be an internationally-rated tourist destination on the southern coast of Ghana, it will feature 100 acres of coastline and a gorgeous property, designed with indulgence in mind.

Incorporating the physical beauty of Ghana with modern design and innovation, “Blue Cove Golf & Casino Resort” will be like no other resort in Ghana. From the soft bathroom towels to the crystal clear swimming pools, the facilities will provide quality, comfort and luxury.

Features of the resort include: spa and health/fitness facilities; water activities; golf course; vacation apartments, hotel suites and rooms; and “The Village,” a retail and entertainment district.




Detached Homes

Model and Features Coming Soon!


Model and Features Coming Soon!


Model and Features Coming Soon!


Model and Features Coming Soon!